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Shadow’s Passion by Molle McGregor

Shadow’s Passion
by Molle McGregor
The Shadow Warders #0.5
Publication Date: July 1, 2014
Genres: ContemporaryParanormalRomance
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He lived for vengeance, until he met her. Now he has to choose—revenge or love?

Exiled by her people after an accidental death, Celeste’s power is so unstable the elegant Shadow healer is considered a deadly menace. Fifty years of isolation have left her a little lonely. And more than a little bored. When a nearby family falls victim to demon infection, she decides to go hunting. Without backup, it won’t be long before the demons are hunting her.

A dangerous assassin, Gabe has better things to do than save a Shadow from her own reckless behavior. Like find the demon who killed his brother. Sure, the Shadow is gorgeous, alluring, and she needs his help. But he can’t afford to get distracted. Everything changes the second he spies his brother’s killer among the demons after Celeste. Now, nothing will tear him from her side.

Gabe is dangerous and secretive. He’s also a skilled fighter and sexy as hell. Celeste knows better than to team up with a Warder, but she’s not sure she cares. It’s been a long dry spell since her exile. Neither of them expects their fling to turn into something more. But when Gabe’s past catches up with him, he learns that his brother’s murder was just the beginning. A new evil is rising, and its sights are set on Celeste. Now Gabe has to make a choice: revenge or love?


About Molle McGregor


Molle’s writing career started when she was seven and suffered terrible insomnia. Night after night she couldn’t sleep until long after mid-night, only to wake a few hours later. Frustrated with her inability to just go to bed, (and her penchant for sneaking a book and a flashlight under the covers) her grandmother said, “You like to read so much, why don’t you tell yourself a story until you fall asleep.” With this brilliant advice, Molle’s overactive brain was off and running. Now, years later, she’s finally taught herself to sleep, but she’s never stopped telling stories.

When she’s not reading, writing, or staring into space making things up, Molle is getting into trouble with her husband, two sons, two dogs and vicious attack cat in the mountains of North Carolina. She likes to hike, cook, listen to music way too loud, and hang out with her boys. She does not like dusting or emptying the dishwasher.

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#Giveaway: Abomination by Audra Middleton

Audra Middleton – Abomination – Virtual Book Tour

Date Published: June 2014

The seeds are planted. Which will take root, change or destruction?

A seed of destruction is sprouting in Forest End, but the kingdom is in too much of an uproar trying to locate their missing princess to notice. Princess Willow has been kidnapped by the enemy. Her mother, the Fauna Queen known as Watcher, is the only one who can reach Luminar and rescue Willow before the winter snows come. While the queen finds a way to save her daughter, the princess is able to plant seeds of change in the enemy kingdom. But if Watcher doesn’t make it back in time to stop the abomination that has been growing in Forest End, Willow’s seeds will never take root.


My latest fantasy novel is due out this month, so I thought I’d share an excerpt here today.

From Abomination, Book Two of the Watcher of Anthelion Trilogy:

Hope stirred in Willow’s belly like bees in a clover patch. “Oh, Ethan! I know how I’m to get back home.”

She dug in the pocket of her dress, squealing in delight when her fingers touched the rough little seed pods she stuffed inside before she left the keep at Fern Hollow. There was too much grass where she stood, so she scurried this way and that, looking for a patch of proper soil, finally tumbling down a dip in the bluff to a patch of earth where the grass thinned out as the soil met the white sand of the beach.

Ethan dropped his small collection of sticks and followed her, perplexed to see the girl who whined so much about the stains on her frock plopping herself down in the dirt, yanking at the grass, scratching at the soil with a crooked little stick so brittle it snapped with each scrape. Once the stick was broken to the nub, she pulled seeds from her pocket and scattered them in the freshly tilled soil.

She looked up at him, blowing a stray curl from her face. “Well, are you going to stand there or are you going to help me?”

Ethan clenched his jaw. “I think you’ve gone batty. It will be dark soon. The cold is piercing already. Get out of the dirt and help me find some wood for a fire.”

Now who’s daft? Don’t you see? I’m the child of prophecy. From the Flower and the Raven a child will spring; to Luminar seeds of change she’ll bring. I’ll plant these seeds, and then I can go home,” Willow explained, patting bits of earth over her seeds.

Why would Luminar need to change anything?” Ethan asked, haughtily.

Willow stood up, wiping the dirt off her hands and brushing off her dress. “Maybe staring at everything white, gray, and green all day every day has made you all testy.” She looked up at him with sparkling brown eyes and grabbed his elbow. “These are marigold seeds, Ethan. They’re lovely flowers, bright, cheery shades of yellow and orange, some with little bits of red in them.”

He shook his head. “It’s autumn, Willow. We may have a mild climate, but it is still not the season for gardening. Besides, my father and I rarely come to the shore anymore. Who’s going to tend to your little flower garden?”

Willow scowled and crossed her arms, hope wilting. “God will. Just like he does these white ones.”

Ethan rolled his eyes and went back up the knoll to retrieve his firewood. “Fine then, Willow. You’ve planted your seeds. It will be a spring of change for Luminar. Now will you lend a hand before we’ve no light at all?”


 5 fangs
*Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that Rock*

Such an awesome follow up to Watcher. Lily has found her home, where she came from, and is starting to learn who she is. Fate and prophecy will not allow her that luxury for long though. Still mourning the loss of her last living relative, her grandfather, the former king, upset stirs in the land of her kingdom. Willow is much like Lily in that she is very headstrong. In this world, everyone is born with a gift that should help them along in their life. Willow’s is debate and even at 6 she is a fire-cracker. She’s reprimanded by her father for trying too hard to show everyone her point of view and he tries to get her to see an easier way to use her gift as no one likes to be constantly told they are wrong, especially from a child. Willow is hurt and decides to disappear for a bit to teach her father a lesson. That’s where she runs into trouble from Luminar. It’s so close to winter that Ben and Lily do what they must to rush to their daughter’s aide. It seems that fate likes to toy with the royal couple. Once they figure out one puzzle another is thrown their way.

I fell in love with this book. All the groundwork had been laid in Watcher of the history of the lands and people. You got a small taste of Fate in that book. This was action packed right from Chapter One! Being by the character’s side through their journey is always a plus for me. I don’t just like to “see” their journey, but I also want to “feel” it. Ms. Middleton did a wonderful job keeping you attached to her characters’ hips. I felt so worn out at the end of this book, it was truly wonderful. Luckily there is a book 3 on the way, I need Lily to beat Fate and sort through everything that she’s been dealt in life and finally enjoy the good and properly mourn the bad.

Audra Middleton


Audra Middleton was born and raised in Washington State where she lives with her husband and their three boys. She gave up her teaching career to raise her children, and in between diaper changes and baseball games, she began writing books. Once she started, she couldn’t stop, even after she went back to teaching. 






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The Greying by Dallas Sutherland


Title: The Greying (Book One in the Landland Chronicles)

Author: Dallas Sutherland

Genre: Fantasy Novella

LANDLAND CRIES OUT FOR A SAVIOUR… Upon the death of her mother, Meah is pulled across the boundary that separates this world and another time and place where the dog-like Firbog have brought the mists of the greying. Under the evil Queen Berilbog they threaten to claim all the lands. With her Mother dead and her Father missing – she is on her own! Can Meah learn how to use the power of the thinking? Will there be enough time to save both Landland and herself? Will Meah ever find her way home again? She must triumph over grief and sadness on her journey into a world made cold, grey, and colourless by the ravages of the greying. Meah travels into the depths of Bigriverland to find the mysterious sage, The Biggo. In the heart of Dead Wood, Meah meets Josh O’Tosh, the last of the warrior Pictish Priests. Battling lurking homunculi and the horrors of the many-headed-winged-thing, they set out to recover the only thing that will save Landland …her mother’s Book-of-Colours.


Meah is a young girl who loses her parents and is left to be raised by an aunt she doesn’t much care for. After releasing her mother’s ashes from a boat, she falls into the water. She ends up on the shore of a very grey world. She meets goofy and sweet Mermie and warrior Dalff. Meah doesn’t know who she is and Mermie and Dalff begin to call her Teah. They believe that Teah is the chosen one to save their land and people from the greying. This is their journey to discoveries.
Meah/Teah is very young and naive. She has to learn a lot in a short amount of time, but adapts quickly. The story itself is very mysterious and has a lot of new terminology and creatures. It is a very interesting world that has been created. Although this book is more suitable for young teens because of its simple writing and concepts, it can still be enjoyed by all ages if you are into magical worlds.
This was a mystifying and quick read. I did enjoy it, but it would be best enjoyed by the younger population. This is a great book for those who don’t want your child reading anything inappropriate. 3.5 fangs for The Greying!

Bio Photo1 DallasSutherland

Author Bio

Over the last twenty-five years, the Author has exhibited a creative bent across a range of industries including graphic design, fine arts, and trompe l’oeil murals. He has lectured in fine arts and studied Art History, Literature, Adult Education, and Creative Writing. Works include play scripts and short stories. The Greying is his first published novella, with further books planned as part of the fantasy series. He draws inspiration from myth, legend, and fairy tales.

He lives on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia with his partner Kerri, and daughter Ruby.

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There’s a tour-wide giveaway for a poster of Deadwood.

You can participate by subscribing to the author’s newsletter on his website:

There are also other giveaways during the tour, for book cover posters, and print copies of the book.

Here is a picture of the book cover posters:


Excerpt #1

It was then that she saw them!


Meah stood as the boat turned. She reached out to touch them. Clasping the portfolio tight to her chest with one arm, she stretched as far as she dared with her other, but in the turning of the boat and the buffeting of the waves, Meah lost her balance.

Her over-reaching hand grasped for the railing, but remained empty.

Meah fell, banging her head on the edge of the boat. She went straight down into the cool embrace of the sea, still clutching the portfolio tightly to her chest.

The bang on the head confused her senses. She could not swim and drifted just below the surface. The portfolio floated beside her.

Neither Auntie Beryl nor the boatman had seen her fall. By the time they realised she was missing, the boat was at least a hundred metres away.

Meah continued to float just beneath the surface. Her head swam with visions of sadness was she dying?

Ooh! The dolphins were back again. If she could just touch one— that dark one there!

Meah fought hard to keep the dreaming alive, to touch the dolphins. The dreaming became fuzzy and grey, then black.

The sea surged. The black dolphin came closer. Gently, it nudged the girl and towards the surface they rose together.

The sky grew black, almost as black as the obsidian sheen of the dolphin. Bubbles glistened on the girl’s skin. Rain pelted at the sea.

On and upwards the dolphin pushed until finally it held the girl above the water.

They were close to the shore now. At last, the dolphin relinquished its grip on the girl and gave her up to the care of the waves.

A peak rose out of the water and lifting the girl up on its crest, it tumbled her over and down the face of the forming wave.

Like escorts, the pod of dolphins swam in and out of the lurching wave as the girl glided like a body-surfer towards the beach.

Rain continued to beat down on the water leaving tiny pockmarks in the sea foam. Seaweed entangled the girl’s limbs, bearing her up and easing her passage towards the shore.

Out at sea, the pod of dolphins watched and waited for the storm to abate. A rainbow mist hovered for a moment over the shoreline and then it was gone; swept away inland on a final gust of wind.

Excerpt #2

Suddenly, Teah’s head began to whirl. She sat back down. The firefly-lamp hummed and buzzed as she closed her eyes to concentrate, trying hard to still her thoughts.

And that’s when it began In her mind she saw all of Landland stretching away before her. She felt the fear spreading across the land, all the way from Bigriver, up through the coastal villages and on to the tip of land that was Mount Beacon. Landland Village lay deserted beneath its towering headland. Confusion abounded in the Scented Forest frightened animals and Scented People hid themselves away. High up in the Chain of Mountains, the forges of the Giants lay simmering and steaming under the heavy mist of the greying. In her mind, Teah rose higher and higher. She could soon take in all of Bigriverland, which now lay deserted and dark far below. She saw many frightened animals crossing the Bigriver into the Scented Forest. She swept down low over the remnants of the Big Forest. Amidst the devastation of the greying, a patch of colour shone brightly. Teah thought hard to find out why, to push through the barrier between her thinking and her knowing, but she could not break through. The mists which hovered over Dead Wood were tinted an eerie and impenetrable green.

Teah began to rise higher and higher— all the lands fell away beneath her, spreading far out and away from Landland. To the north a grey haze settled over a frozen wasteland. In the south, steaming heat spiralled up from a multitude of bog lands and swamps in the equatorial regions of the Firbog. To the east, the word, ‘Settleland’, sounded loud inside her head, but the vision was lost in a grey fog which refused to reveal what lay beneath Finally, all became lost and her colour began to fade.

Teah toppled onto her back. She fought to open her eyes as Dalff and Mermie stood bending over her.

For a long time, Teah lay motionless and colourless, paler than her companions.

Even the fireflies, encased in their glassy ball, lay silent. They had ceased to illuminate.

To Dalff and Mermie it was almost as if the fireflies had sensed the hopelessness of the greying.

To Teah, the reality of the thinking was still sinking in. After all, she had not fully believed that she could do it, and after this one attempt she was not sure if she could, or should, try again.

Suddenly, a loud squawk, made Teah leap to her feet. Standing shoulder to shoulder with Mermie and Dalff, she stared up into the black canopy of the forest.

Excerpt #3

Teah lay on the ground with Mermie and Dalff at the perimeter of the wood. They waited for the two scouts to return.

The ground beneath Teah felt like a wet sponge, but the new fibrepillar cloak protected her from the dampness. She could not see much of the wood from where she lay. It all looked dark, so very dark and certainly uninviting. She wondered whether the stories about Dead Wood were real or not.

Teah looked up. The rain was falling in drifts across the landscape. Above the hiss of the rain she thought she could hear a tap tap tapping. She listened harder.

Then flap flap flap the sound of big wings beating through the air above her.

Mermie screamed.

‘Look out,’ Dalff shouted.

The creature came straight for Teah and, flapping and hovering over her, it hooked the back of her cloak with a talon.

Dalff whipped a bolt from the quiver on his back, loaded his cross-bow and aimed. There was only time for one shot. He hit the creature in the breast. The head of the bolt lodged between two scales. With blood splattering the ground and Teah, the many-headed-winged-thing sped over Dead Wood.

Teah kept still as the creature flew higher. The stench of its rotten breath hit her in the face. Her heart raced, and her mind reeled how much more more could she endure? Would the monster take her back to its lair and eat her?

Teah looked up over a fat scaled belly. The beast ducked a head down to stare at her. Teah screwed up her face at its ugliness. Then there were two heads, then three, all equal in their ugliness; all scales, slobber and bad breath.

The beast flapped on through the driving rain screeching a victory cry. Teah looked down to the tops of the dead trees. They were covering a great distance in no time at all. Suddenly the creature’s wings began to slow. There was no longer a steady beat to the flapping of the wings. Drops of bright red blood began again, flying back towards Teah. In desperation she flailed at her faced, trying to wipe away the blood.

The many-headed-winged-thing dipped lower towards the tops of the great trees, flying an erratic course. Was it searching for something?

The creature moaned and finally its wings stopped beating. The monster careered to left and right.

Excerpt #4

‘This is a wonderful place Fand, but I just don’t know what I should be doing any more. How long have I been here, and can I go? How can I go if you say I’m one of the gathered are you going to keep me for ever?’

Fand studied Teah for a moment before sparkling as she spoke.

Fand shone like gold. With her soft light-filled voice and languid ways, Fand was like an angel.

‘I’m sorry Fand, what did you say?’

Fand began sparkling again. ‘In answer to your questions yes, indeed, the Pitterpatterdell have gathered you and by our custom you must stay and become one of us. They are the gatherers. We are the keepers ‘ Fand leaned in closer lowering her voice, ‘.of lost souls.’

Teah looked downhearted and tried to protest. ‘But I have

things to

‘Please, Teah, I haven’t finished answering your questions. As to the matter of how long you have been with us, it is of no consequence. Otherworldly time is no time at all. Everything exists here indefinitely. Since the Sithean retreated to the great Sidhe, we deal no longer with mortals, nor do we hold with their claim on time.’

Teah was trying to understand. ‘I see, then.’

‘We have not always been keepers. But you must understand it is all we do these days. This is our lot in the otherworld. Would you have us go against what has been ordained?’

Teah didn’t know how to answer her, although she did wonder who had ordained it, so to speak. She didn’t have to answer for Fand continued.

‘I’m sorry, I’m supposed to be answering your questions. Now where were we?’ she sparkled again. ‘As I was saying, since you have been officially gathered, you really should stay here Teah, but somehow your soul has become fragmented. and what would we do with a fragmented soul? Aha! I’m questioning again,’ she laughed.

Teah didn’t laugh. Leaning forward she exclaimed,’Fragmented?’

‘Yes, you have body, and mind to some extent but you do not have psyche or heart. We must find them for you. And once the Sithean have restored a soul, we can never keep it you see, a gift can never be taken back.’

Excerpt #5

Teah wanted to know want he meant, ‘Who’s coming Josh? Why me. What do they want me for?’

‘It’s the black-thing. They know you know how to use it. They want its power Teah. They need you to show them how to use it. We’ve got to get out of here fast!’

Grabbing Teah’s hand, Josh began to run.

Then, the screeching began.

Dark shadows swooped down upon them through the greying. Squealing peels of laughter assailed their ears. A tap tap tapping penetrated the mist . . .

The flap, flapping of big black wings sliced through the mist, herding them in all directions.

The drifts were blown around and torn apart by gusting winds, only to reveal the sinewy, dark shapes of the Homunculi as they dropped from the back of the many-headed-winged-thing.

Slipping and slithering through the fog, the Homunculi came at them. Biting and clawing and slathering in sheer delight, they chased Teah and Josh over The Sea of Grass.

Teah ran, still holding onto Josh’s hand, but there was nowhere to run to. In desperation they stood their ground.

Handing the totem pole to Teah, Josh unleashed a flurry of arrows from his bow into the mists around them. Howls of rage and pain replaced the squeals of eager delight.

There were too many of the horrible little things to contend with. Dodging and weaving, they came again from out of the mist. Marbled, yellow eyes shone beneath their blackened, furrowed brows. Greasy fingers clawed at them as Josh slashed with his sword.

Teah held the totem up high and released the hood. This seemed to unsettle the Homunculi. They dared not press their attack under the green light of the magic totem. Slinking back into the mist they lay lurking as if waiting for orders.

Puffing and panting, Teah screeched at Josh, ‘Leaping lemmings Josh! What the devil are they?’


#Giveaway: Where the Moths Dance by Kristah Price

Where the Moths Dance book cover

Title: Where The Moths Dance

Author: Kristah Price

Genre: YA Paranormal

Sixteen-year-old Jessie Hale lives in the caretaker’s cottage at the bottom of Gum Tree Hill Cemetery. She feels more comfortable surrounded by the dead than the living, and the graveyard is her sanctuary, a place to escape from her troubled home life and from her mother’s despicable boyfriend, Conrad.

Elliott Rossi has found a way to come back from the dead. He needs to warn Jessie about a demon who can also access the living world and has his new prey firmly in his grasp.

When Jessie learns who has become the demon’s latest victim, she must enlist the help of her friends to battle the evil that has invaded her sanctuary, turning her life upside down and threatening to destroy everything she cares about.

Then there is the small matter of falling in love with a dead boy.

Kristah Price Author Photo

Author Bio

Kristah Price has always loved books and dreamed of being a writer since she was a teenager. After much dreaming, and writing in her spare time, she eventually took a year off work to write a novel. Although that novel remains hidden away in a box on the top shelf of a wardrobe, she went on to have several novellas published in magazines in Scotland, and her first full-length novel, Scrappy Cupcake Angels, was published in 2012. Where the Moths Dance is her first novel for young adults. When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys scrapbooking, quilting, mixed-media art, and organic gardening. She lives with her partner, Nick, and their puppy, Finn, in the Art Deco city of Napier, New Zealand.


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Excerpt One

Wanna dance?” The boy reached out a hand, running his fingers slowly down my cheek. His fingers were cold and I recoiled from his touch, trying hard not to let the disgust I felt show on my face. The last thing I wanted to do right now was upset him. Behind me, Mitch slid his arm around my waist and pulled me against him. Then he pressed his face against my hair and said, “I bet Goth girls like to party.” His breath stank.

I decided then that I had one chance to get out of this situation. If these boys thought that I was going to become a victim here, tonight, then they were even more brain-addled than they looked. Lifting my knee, I brought my boot down as hard as I could on top of Mitch’s foot, hoping that the wedged heel would do justice to the seething anger I felt inside. As he let out a series of expletives, I took advantage of his vulnerability and rammed my elbow back against his ribs, then twisted my way out of his grip. Finally free, I took off across the graveyard.

But I was unprepared for the quick reaction from the third boy, who until now had remained silent, watching from the sidelines. He quickly caught up to me, and in a drunken tackle, he had me face down on the ground, his body heavy on top of mine.

Where do you think you’re going?” he spat down at me, as he straddled my back.

Choking back tears of disappointment, I turned my head away from the ground just in time to see a strange ball of light travelling at a rapid speed through the air towards me. As it approached, it seemed to gain in brightness and in mass, until it was upon the boy, knocking him off me with a force that almost took my breath away. I could only imagine what the boy on top of me must have felt. I was shaking so badly, it was all I could do to get to my feet. The boy, who moments ago had me pinned to the ground, now lay spread-eagled on the earth, his arms raised defensively across his face.

What the—” His eyes darted around him in dazed confusion as the orb of light hovered a couple of feet away, pulsating strangely.

Relieved to be free, but scared of what might happen next, I backed away until I was far enough from the scene to observe from a distance the next strange events that unfolded before my eyes.

Excerpt Two

So, what’s the deal with your dad?” Brodie asked, as we walked past the dead, gothic garden and through the black, iron gates. “It doesn’t look like you two get on.”

Conrad’s not my dad,” I said, a little more harshly than I intended. I bit into my apple as we headed up the hill, stepping over the gnarly old roots of the gum trees that encroached onto the pavement. “He’s my mother’s boyfriend. And you’re right. We don’t get on.”

Brodie glanced sideways at me as he polished his apple on his jacket before taking a bite. He must have sensed from the tone of my voice that Conrad was a subject best left alone because he then changed the subject. “So, how long have you guys lived here?”

Almost a year.”

I guess you must know your way around the cemetery pretty well then.”

We turned off the pavement and climbed the stone steps to the graveyard. I nodded as I tossed my apple core onto the ground for the crows. “I spend a lot of time up here. It’s quiet; people don’t come up here much.” I didn’t tell him that most of the time I felt more comfortable hanging out with dead people than living ones. I glanced across at him and saw that he was looking at me curiously with a half-smile on his face.

So, show me where you captured the vortex on camera.”

Follow me,” I said, and I led him over to the caretaker’s shed. “It was right here, around the back of the shed.” I waited while Brodie walked around the shed, scuffing his shoes in the dirt and trailing his hand around the old wooden building. He stopped and looked up at the sky. It was cloudy; the sky was gray and cheerless and there was a damp chill in the air.

Last night, do you remember where the moon was in the sky?”

I nodded. “It was directly overhead. I remember looking up and thinking how big and bright it was.”

There would have been a direct flow of cosmic energy between the moon and the vortex.” Brodie frowned as he stared past me, and I turned to see what he was looking at. Across the graveyard, a few wispy, gray strands of mist drifted slowly through the air.

It’s often foggy up here.” I watched the mist as it moved slowly away from us and eventually disappeared. “Even on a clear day when you can see right out over the town.” I gave a nervous laugh, knowing that what I was going to say next would sound silly. But then, pretty much everything I had told Brodie today had been bizarre.

I usually try and avoid getting too close to the fog. Sometimes when I’m near it, I feel kind of depressed, gloomy. Does that sound weird? It does sound weird, doesn’t it?” I remembered the first time I had encountered the foggy mist. I had reached out and touched it, expecting my hand to meet with damp air. Instead, it had felt like touching thick cobwebs, and as my fingers dragged through it, I had felt an intense sense of despair. From that day on, I had made a conscious effort to avoid it.

Brodie just smiled at me. “This is turning into a pretty weird day. Right now, nothing you could say would shock me.”

Excerpt Three

It was drizzling at lunchtime, which meant that I was confined indoors. Usually I preferred to sit outside and eat my lunch. I hated the rowdy, claustrophobic atmosphere of the cafeteria. Braving the crowds, I slid into a seat next to Violet Parslow.

Hey,” I said, smiling.

Hey. Did you see the fireworks on Saturday night?” Violet took a big slurp from her coke. “What was that all about? There were skyrockets exploding all over the beach.” She spoke in a lazy drawl. Some of the other kids thought it meant she was slow, but to me it just sounded as though every word was well thought out and planned.

It was a memorial for Elliott Rossi,” I said, staring at her. I had noticed a glint of silver when she talked. “Hey, you’ve had your tongue pierced!”

Uh-huh.” Violet grinned, then stuck her tongue out and waggled it in the air.

I screwed my nose up at her. “Just when I was getting used to the whole nose piercing thing.” It was what I loved about Violet—her individuality. She had a dyed, purple streak down the side of her short, black hair and an impressive row of piercings down each ear. Her dress style also reflected her uniqueness; miniskirts, in shades of purple and blue and emerald green, worn over black leggings, and accompanied by Doc Marten boots. Around her neck, a silver pentacle hung from a thin, black, leather cord; a symbol of her Wiccan beliefs.

I guess you could say that Violet and I were friends, although we never socialized outside of school.

The science club sent Elliott’s ashes up in the sky rockets,” I said, unwrapping my packed lunch.

Really? Wicked!” Violet’s black-rimmed eyes widened in delight. “I hope they give me a sendoff like that after I die. Maybe I should join the science club.”

I laughed. “Hopefully this school will be a distant memory by the time you die.”

Violet nodded agreement. “Besides, when I die, I don’t want to be cremated. I want to be buried in a black cardboard coffin that will perish so my body can decay back into the earth; somewhere with atmosphere, like that really old cemetery at the top of Gum Tree Hill where you live.”

Why is that?” I looked at Violet curiously.

Because there’s so much history at the top of that hill. People have been buried there for centuries.”

Since 1874, to be exact,” I said.

Violet nodded. “And the old gravestones are so awesome. The modern cemeteries are unbelievably boring in comparison. Nobody ever goes up to Gum Tree Hill Cemetery, and nothing ever changes. It’s like time stands still. What a great place to end your time here on Earth.”

They don’t bury people up there anymore,” I told her.

Okay, well, I still want to be buried though. I want to know what it feels like to have worms crawling through my fingers and toes. Do you think it would tickle? And I want my skeleton to still be here in a thousand years, as evidence of my life here on earth.”

Violet liked to say things she thought would shock people. I was tempted to tell her what was really in the graveyard, but I wasn’t ready yet to share my secret with anyone.

Besides,” Violet said matter-of-factly. “Being cremated is so final.”

Excerpt Four

As I settled back down on the couch to watch TV, the picture faded and the snowy screen crackled with static. The lights went crazy then, flickering off and on at random, and I grabbed the remote control and turned off the television. When I heard a sizzling noise, like electricity sparking, I began to get scared. Just as I was beginning to wonder if there was something wrong with the wiring, a movement caught my attention across the room.

My heart began hammering in my chest when, caught in the intermittent flashes of light, I saw someone standing in the doorway to the passage. Leaping from the couch, I backed towards the front door, shining my flashlight in the direction of the figure, while fighting to control my trembling.

No way!” I whispered under my breath, as across the room, Elliott began to manifest before my eyes. By now the lights were going truly crazy, the air was electric, and with each burst of electricity that charged the room, Elliott grew stronger, until eventually he took on the solid form of an actual, living human being.

Elliott?” Although my initial fear of an intruder had dissolved, my heart was racing as I edged closer to the door.

Hi, Jess.” Elliott’s voice sounded faint, as though he were talking from a distance. He lifted a hand in greeting and grinned at me, before looking down to check out his body. He seemed almost as surprised to see himself as I was.

Wow!” I was stuck for words. All I could think was, I wish Brodie were here. I suddenly felt nervous. Not only was I uncomfortable being alone in the room with a dead boy, but I had barely known Elliott when he was alive. It was one thing to see a ghost in a graveyard; it was quite another to have one standing in your living room, literally as large as life.

Brodie totally believed you could do it,” I said. “That you’d find a way to come back.”

Elliott frowned as he looked at me uncertainly. “Yeah, it’s taken me a while, but I had to do it. I had to find a way to come back and talk to you.” With his coal-black eyes fixed on me, he seemed as unsure of me as I was of him.

But why me?” I moved slowly across the room towards him, stopping short a foot away. If I wanted to, I could have reached out and touched him. I was tempted to; just to see if my hand would pass right through him. But I refrained. After all, that would just be too weird. “Out of all the people you could have visited—your family, your friends—why did you choose me?”

Because you believe in ghosts,” Elliott said matter-of-factly. “You were always hanging around the graveyard, talking to dead people. I knew that you were the one person I could rely on not to freak out if you saw a real dead person.”

Excerpt Five

Why the serious look?” Violet asked, breaking into my thoughts.

I glanced at her, debating whether or not I should tell her about the goings-on up at the graveyard. I knew that she believed in spirits and the afterlife, and it occurred to me that with the knowledge she had from her Wiccan beliefs, she might just be able to help. But I still didn’t feel ready to share my secret, at least not until I knew a little more about what I was dealing with myself. I decided to keep it vague, to keep Elliott’s name out of it.

This might sound weird,” I said, while Violet looked at me curiously. “But I’ve had this creepy feeling lately around the graveyard.” I lowered my voice; I didn’t want anyone else listening in on our conversation. “It’s like there’s some sort of malevolent energy lingering around.”

Falling silent, Violet scanned my face with her piercing, blue eyes, until I began to wonder if she thought I was crazy. Then she leaned forward and said, “Do you just get the feeling in the cemetery, or is it in your house as well?”

It’s in the house as well.” I was relieved that she seemed to be taking me seriously.

Violet nodded. “It makes sense that with your house being beside a graveyard, it might have dark energies hanging around. But there are loads of things you can do to protect the inside of your home. You can hang garlands of calendula around doors and windows to keep out evil. Or thread juniper, rowan, or holly berries and string them around the house. They all have strong protective properties. You can burn incense, too. Frankincense and sandalwood will rid a home of unwanted spirits.” She paused as she studied me from beneath her black fringe, as though to gauge my reaction. I obviously looked suitably captivated because she continued then, her enthusiasm evident.

You can brew a tea from basil or angelica, and sprinkle it in the corners and around the edges of the rooms to keep out evil spirits. And if it were me, I would hang sprigs of fresh herbs all around the house.” She continued to stare at me intently. “You should scatter a few under your bed, just to make sure. You can get the herbs and incense from Sapphires & Stardust—that shop beside the old church that was turned into a vegetarian restaurant. Gretchen, the lady that works there, is really nice.”

Thanks, I might go there after school.” I smiled at her, feeling a little happier now that I knew there were steps I could take to protect our home. Until recently, I might have considered everything Violet had just told me to be a load of hocus pocus.

Until recently, I had never believed in demons, either. If one existed, then I had to believe in the other.


5 Fangs
Jess is like every girl in high school that isn’t popular. She goes to school, hangs out with her friend Violet at lunch and comes home and does homework. But Jess lives on the outskirts of town in the Caretakers cottage which is at the bottom of the Gum Tree Hill cemetery. One night Jess is up in the grave yard watching the rockets go up with a classmate’s ashes in them and finds herself in a bad situation. Luckily she was saved, but by a ghost. This ghost is Elliot, the classmate whose ashes went up in the rocket and he is here to give her bad news. Her mother has been possessed by a demon who escaped through the vortex that Elliot opened to let his friends and family know he’s ok. Luckily she brings Brodie, Elliot’s best friend, into the picture and they help Elliot develop his manifestation more and also find peace for his family. Well Jess and Elliot find a way to rid her mom of the demon? Will Elliot’s family and friends who he came back for understand or will the think Jess is nuts? Read it!
I absolutely love Jess and Violet. Being a non-popular girl in high school I was happy to just blend in. Unfortunately Jess had to have a traumatic experience to find that people did notice her. Jess is a very strong and smart girl and the book described her perfect! My favorite scene is when Elliot and Jess are in the shed. Great scene and very well described!
If you like ghost, paranormal, demons, or a simple love story this is great. Teen and up is what I would advise for readers.
Reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors that rock and Kristah Price.

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Covertly Strong by N. A. Alcorn

Covertly Strong Banner

Coming Soon 9/29/14…

Covertly Strong

Book One in The Strong Series

By: N.A. Alcorn

Add Covertly Strong to your TBR!

Covertly Strong Cover Ebook


She can track down the world’s most dangerous drug lords, hack into any computer, and kill a man in fifteen different ways—but when she comes face-to-face with the only man who’s ever held her heart, it might be her most dangerous mission yet… Or is it?

Sloan Walker. Dr. Felicia Santora. Agent L-55.
Three very different personas, three very different names, but all have one thing in common. They’re all controlled, acted out, and lived by one woman.

Her past has been long forgotten. Ten years have gone by since someone remembered the girl she used to be. The young girl with the big-brown eyes and beautiful dreams of happiness, dreams of love. She now lives a clandestine life. A life filled with top-secret missions and covert assignments. Only a handful of people know the true nature of her job. Her safety is constantly being pushed towards the brink of life-threatening danger.

Then one day someone unexpectedly steps back into her life…

A man who once owned her mind, body, and soul.
A man who held her heart in the palm of his hand.

He remembers. He knows.

And this knowledge could threaten everything she’s worked so hard for. Nixon West is as intelligent as they come and his Navy SEAL training has made him one of the most dangerous weapons in the United States Military. The moment she reappeared into his life he promised himself that he wouldn’t let her go.

But the true question is…what extreme lengths will Nix go to for her?

She will soon face another mission.

And it will test everything.

Time never seems all that important until your life hangs in the balance.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock…


5 fangs


Sloan Walker was used to moving and having to change schools never having close friends. With her father being an Admiral in the Navy. After her father is stationed in Hawaii Sloan takes a trip with her new friend to the beach for a party and she meets Nixon West, there was something about him that just drew her in. nix knew when he met Sloan that his world would never be the same again. Finally Sloan ends up spending a whole year in one place and that is more then enough time for her and Nix to fall in love and know that they are going to spend the rest of their lives together. Then her father is transferred again, and Sloan and Nix stay in touch, then when her father is sent to Japan the letters stop and the phone is disconnected. Sloan is heart broken. While Nix is heart broken never hearing back from Sloan and having no way to find her. Until over fourteen years later.

I absolutely loved this book. the characters, the emotions just drew in in and stayed in your heart and mind. Even though when I found out both Sloan and Nix’s occupations I kind of knew what would happen. Just didn’t know how or the when. to fall in love at sixteen and still be in love with that person over a decade later just pulls at your heart strings. Sloan is one of the strongest female heroines I have read in a long time. Nix, is just a drop dead gorgeous man. Never afraid to show how he feels and the chemistry between the two just jumps off the pages. After all that time and where life has taken them it is amazing that they come full circle without to many scars.

N.A.’s Social Media







About N.A.

I march to the beat of my drum. Can you hear that? That perpetual bang, bang, bang that’s continually drumming relentlessly inside of my head. Oh, that’s just me? Never mind then, carry on…

Beautiful words, lovely plot lines, and COFFEE…Three of my favorite things.

I savor the weird, embrace the pervy, and willingly open both arms to anything that will make me laugh.

My obsession is books. I like to read them, write them, and inhale them in any way my ravenous mind will allow.

I’m awkward and sarcastic and can’t take a proper selfie if my life depended on it.

I was once told by my high school English teacher that my colorful ability to state the obvious would be my biggest weakness. I thanked him and made it my life’s mission to make that my biggest strength.

At times, I’m bordering on obscene and have strongly considered tattooing the words Approach With Caution on some part of my body.

Procrastinator at heart who tries to tell herself that she’ll meet every deadline.

Tomorrow. I’ll finish it tomorrow, I swear.

Dom Wars, The Final Round by Lucian Bane and Aden Lowe

Dom Wars - Tour Banner

Final round 6 cover



Title – Dom Wars – Final Round

Series – Dom Wars #6

Authors – Lucian Bane & Aden Lowe


I’m an Ineffable Dom. That just means, do yourself a favor and please don’t try to describe me or fit me into your categories. Complicated Dom, Intricate Dom, Confounding Dom work too.

I love very much the soft side of a woman. Not just her body, but everything on the inside– her passion, her intelligence, her convictions, her delicate tenderness. But the one fetish that might be a part of what makes me an Ineffable Dom is that I love her strengths. I love a woman that isn’t afraid to look me in the eyes and say ‘make me’. But I need it to be real, not staged, not pretended. She has to be a fighter at her core the way I’m a Dom at my core. I want an equal that is willing to come hard against me in every sense of the word, exhaust me. I want her so deep inside me that we’re lost in each other. I want her to never doubt that I will always use my power to adore her, protect her, liberate her. I don’t want a woman I can break, or overpower, or exercise my dominance over, I want a woman I can come undone with. I want a woman I can jump off the cliff with into that abyss of holy hell, this is beyond me, beyond my control. The greatest fear of most people is losing themselves or unraveling their roots. My greatest fear is not finding a woman I can take that plunge with. Yes, it’s a huge risk. That’s the yin and the yang of it. And while the risk titillates my Dom, it’s the ineffable fruit of that risk that moves him. He knows he has to have it. He knows he’s supposed to have. And he’s prepared to dominate for it.

I think there are many men like myself, and I hope my writing will be a map for them. A map for women as well, to let them know Doms like this exist. I’d like to call them out of the woodwork. Help men join with their natural inner Doms in a way that I think is one of the most fulfilling experiences there are. I want to challenge them all to go for the complete power exchange with a woman, but don’t be a coward and not give the same that they demand or expect. And consider that when you give one hundred percent of yourself to a person, there is no more of you to give away. You now belong to them the way they belong to you.

Inner Doms are dogs that need a master to train them. I once bowed to my Dom’s reckless and tireless desires, but when I gained control, he bowed to my will. The transformation made me into what I am today. What many would call an Ineffable Dom. But its equal term in the Vanilla world, in my opinion, is a real man.


dw6 teaser cover2

Dom Wars The Final Round: Amazon Kindle


When Gladiator Inc, an adult toy company expands their market to familiarize the ‘vanilla’ world with the elements of BDSM, the result is a pay-per-view reality show with video feeds streamed live to subscribers. The show, Dom Wars, is a competition to determine the Top Dom that will become the spokesperson for the company.

The contestants all wear cameras to film every moment and angle of the competition, while they complete various challenges to determine who has ultimately Dominated various elements of themselves.

The hero and heroine of the series, Lucian Bane and Tara Reese, have barely made it into the Sixth and Final Round of Dom Wars. This week-long Survival Round will determine the Top Dom, once and for all.

The contestants are taken to an uninhabited island, where they will have to cross formidable jungle terrain. First Dom to reach the boat anchored on the other side of the island wins the million dollars and the title.

Seems simple. Except Lucian’s old adversary, the Sadist Jase Duff from Round One, has been tasked with making sure none of the five teams make it to the boat.

If he is successful, he wins the prize, only it’s not money that Jase Duff cares about, its revenge on Lucian and Tara. And his sadistic need to inflict pain makes it game on

dw6 teaser cover1


Get Your Copy of the First 5 Books in the Series

Dom Wars Round One: Amazon Kindle


Lucian Bane’s inner Dom is out of control and hungry for things he can’t name. When he signs up for Dom Wars, he meets Tara who is naive to the BDSM world. Her reckless dominance and puritan heart fascinate him. But when he discovers the pain in her past, it unleashes his true Dom within.

Dom Wars Round Two: Amazon Kindle


Lucian Bane and Tara Reese have made it to round two in DOM WARS. The challenges now revolve around trust and while Tara’s inhibitions in the world of BDSM are slowly being crushed by Lucian’s passion, her deep rooted fears become the real obstacle he must dominate.

Dom Wars Box Set of Round One and Two: Amazon Kindle

Dom Wars Round Three: Amazon Kindle


Dom Wars Round Three heats up with the Demon Domination challenge. Tara is up first to face the demons of her past and Lucian is ready to dominate for her. But that gets tricky when he realizes the demons he’s fighting could be the end of them.

Dom Wars Round Four: Amazon Kindle


It’s Demon Domination for Lucian in Dom Wars Round 4. But it looks like there’s more than just his demons they’re throwing at him this time and surviving the storm won’t happen without suffering.

Dom Wars Round Three and Four Box Set: Amazon Kindle

Dom Wars Round Five: Amazon Kindle


Dom Wars has reached Round 5, and Lucian, Tara, and Steve are prisoners of war owned by the current top Dom, known as the Preacher Dom. All they have to do is find the perfect pitch to sell Gladiator’s dildos and ball clenchers to random vanilla businesses. Between Tara, Lucian and Steve, it’s looking like an orgasmic circus of humiliation, bonding, and more self-discovery. But there’s a catch. Their scores will buy their chances of survival in the next round. And Preacher Dom isn’t about to let three cheating hooligans ruin his chances at the million.


Find The Authors Here

Lucian Bane

Facebook / Twitter / Blog / Tumblr / Amazon / Instagram / Goodreads

Aden Lowe

Facebook / Twitter

Dom Wars

Dom Wars Facebook Page / Pinterest


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Missing: The Brannock Siblings by Jessica Wilde

Cover Reveal

Banner Missing 1


MISSING (The Brannock Siblings #3)

AUTHOR: Jessica Wilde




Missing Cover


There are two things in this life that Gus Brannock truly loves; his family and his job. His family is growing and he wants what his brother and sister have before the job he’s worked so hard for takes its toll. The woman he’s got his eye on, however, isn’t interested in being with a man who risks his life every day. When the unexpected friendship with the sassy red head he used to hate turns into something Gus just doesn’t want to live without, he will do whatever it takes to have her. The hazards of his job as a detective for missing children may end up proving to be too much, but there’s a reason Aiden was brought into his life and nothing will stand in his way to keep her there.

Aiden Murphy used to hate the handsome jerk next door until a surprising discovery spun her world in another direction. Her life of devotion to her sister and niece has been her biggest strength with the exception of her art. That is, until Gus turns out to be the one thing that has been missing from that life all along. Aiden must decide if the unknown is worth the risk of loving the dedicated detective or if being pulled into his world is more than she can handle. When Gus becomes the only way for her to keep the people she loves most safe, will she understand why he treasures her untried strength or will she let her fear of the unknown decide for her?

For readers 18+ due to strong language and sexual situations.

Other Books In this series:

Leverage (The Brannock Siblings #1)



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Adventure. That’s all Aislinn ‘Ash’ Brannock wanted in her life. Her dad and two brothers – all cops – got to see it all, but their over-protectiveness made her feel like she had been locked away in a tower with three fire breathing dragons watching her every move. Yes, it was that bad. The only silver lining? Lucas Shade. Her brothers’ best friend growing up, and apparently the only man she will ever love because let’s face it, none of the others even come close. After an unfortunate mistake lands her back in her father’s home, her world is turned upside down and Lucas is there in a tightly wrapped package of serious with a big red bow on top. Life just got interesting, but it comes with a price, one she never wanted to pay.

Detective Lucas Shade never had a real family, but the Brannocks took him in as one of their own and he never took it for granted. Ash was a big reason for why he stuck around, but in order to save himself the beating of a lifetime from her two older brothers, he kept his feelings for her hidden. When the case he has been working on for months takes a turn, Ash could become the leverage the bad guys have been waiting for, but keeping her invisible may destroy everything Lucas has worked so hard for. Good thing Ash is the only person he would give up everything to protect.

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Conned (The Brannock Siblings #2)


Conned Cover




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Conall Brannock takes his job seriously. He doesn’t get attached, he doesn’t ask questions, and he protects his family at all costs. Nothing will change that. Not even the sweet, green eyed witness that just burst into his life and shifted his world. He has one job to do; protect Emily until she can testify. He can’t let his interest in her get in the way, but the more he finds out about her, the more he can’t help but wonder how the beautiful broken girl got into this mess in the first place. And the longer he takes to learn the truth, the deeper he falls for her.

Emily Dawson has a job to do. Stay off the grid, testify, and hopefully get her brother back. He’s all she has left of the family she struggled so hard to hold together and she would do anything to keep him safe. Even if it means she has put herself in harm’s way or that she has conned everyone into believing she saw something she didn’t. She knows where her loyalties lie, but her stoic yet gentle protector and his crazy family makes her question everything she once knew.

Loyalty can be one sided.

Family isn’t always blood.

And honesty can destroy everything she has come to love.


Buy The Book:







About The Author:

Jessica Wilde


I live in Morgan Utah with my husband, daughter, and dog, Kolo. I write as often as my active daughter will let me and my husband has the patience of a saint. I find inspiration from dreams, people I meet, and life experiences. When I write, I usually end up drinking one too many cans of Peace Tea, eating three too many Fruit by the Foot fruit snacks, and accidently kicking my pup and best buddy, Kolo, too many times since he loves to sleep under my desk at my feet.
I started writing as a teen, but my fear of the unknown won out every time and I threw everything out. After becoming a mother and deciding to stay at home to raise my beautiful little girl, I tried again when I couldn’t stop thinking of ideas. I loved every minute, every hour of sleep lost, and every character that came to life in my mind.
It’s strange, but my favorite moments are when I have writer’s block because I can turn to my husband and find inspiration through him by just doing what we do best together. Talking, laughing, and just being in love. He doesn’t like to read, but he never stops encouraging me to keep going.
Writing has become an important part of my life and every book has a special place in my heart.

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#Giveaway: Theodora’s Descent by J.E. & M. Keep

In the dead of night, they call for her. The monsters and their strange, ancient city deep below the earth.
Theodora is not content to find a husband and settle down. She seeks adventure, not courtship.
She feels the primal pull of beings that shouldn’t exist and falls into the den beneath. Saved by a monstrous man from the clutches of two vampires, she quickly realizes that her nightmares couldn’t even come close to the things that haunt the underworld.
As she desperately seeks escape, can she survive the horrors that lurk below, or will she succumb to the power that reigns in the dark?
A dark, seductive force calls to her… pulls her towards its clutches…
4 out of 5 fangs.
Theodora is a young noblewoman who has inherited her aunts estate in the countryside.  As a child, she stayed there and remembers hearing strange voices trying to lure her from her bed.  As an adult, her adventurous nature gets the better of her and she is lured into the depths of the house that she now occupies.  Lured into a hellish city below the earths surface, Theodora is saved from the clutches of vampires by an equally as scary monster.  Her journey to find her way out of this nightmare brings her into contact with beings that are both dangerous and evil.

I just finished this book today and I’m still trying to process it.  The best I can describe it is a horrific version of Alice in Wonderland.  Truthfully, the story is amazing and well thought out.  I can’t even think of anything current to compare it to.  The monsters are original and downright scary sounding.  I definitely wouldn’t want to be in Theodoras shoes.  The book is long, but you don’t really notice because you find yourself wanting to see if she makes it out of this alive and mentally intact.  Honestly, when I came to the end, I kind of hoped there would be more or that there would be an indication of a continuation of the story.  The story is very dark, at times it’s even hopeless, and there are triggers in it.  This is a serious warning, heed the trigger warning.  That being said, nothing in the story felt forced or like it was put in there merely for shock value.  The story flowed wonderfully from one horrifying event to the next, with just enough hope mixed in to keep you reading as fast as you could.  There were a few minor errors that I chalk up to formatting issues, ebooks almost always have a few here and there, but none of them were bothersome enough to detract from the story.

Overall I felt that this was a fabulous book, a great tale that really goes where you least expect it to.  I recommend it to anyone who enjoys a dark, cerebral horror story, with a small bit of a love story thrown in for flavor.

Buy Now





J.E. & M. Keep are dark fantasy fiends.
With a lust for fantasy and science fiction, they bring you an eclectic selection of works. They write for both male and female readers, with rich detail, developed characters and settings, and explicit sex. All stories are erotic, with many dark romances, and they range from demons and elves that jump into bed at the slightest provocation, to the slow, exquisite tortures of denial. Fall in love with the characters, root for the villain, and always come back for more.
Connect with J.E. Keep: 
 Connect with M. Keep: 
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#Giveaway: Womb of the New World by Mira Noire

Womb of the New World Banner

Womb of the New World

by Mira Noire
Publication Date: August 1, 2013 
Genres: DarkEroticaNovellaRomanceSci-fi 
Purchase from: Amazon • Nook • KOBO

Womb of the New World Cover 400

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Synopsis: In a post-nuclear future, the lush pleasure cyborgs of Earth have become powerful, fearsome mutants known as Wroks who rule the wild, desolate Fallout landscape. The Wroks and their leader, Yoevin, desperately hunt for a female capable of mothering a cyborg’s child. As the years pass, they struggle while fighting to hold on to the intelligence and humanity granted by their makers centuries ago.

Hidden deep in caverns below, Imogenne and her people survive by cultivating the earth, making rare forays above ground for supplies and fresh resources. But Imogenne is not like the rest of her people. She is wild, sensual, and strangely independent — like her mother, who disappeared years ago in a Wrok attack. On the verge of being betrothed to a man she does not love and facing the rest of her life underground without adventure or freedom, she is haunted by darkly erotic visions that promise something more beyond the world — and biology — she knows.

When she is captured in a night Wrok raid, Imogenne hopes to escape her new masters and survive by her wits. But she then discovers a horrifying truth: Her body has a will of its own, one that may very well leave her no choice but to become a mother of the New World.

Words: ~19,000. This title contains graphic sexual scenes: m/f, captive sexual submission, voyeurism, mutant cyborg and human intercourse. Do not read this work if you find such themes offensive.

Womb Exclusive Giveaway

Want a chance to win a $40 Amazon gift card? Click HERE for details!

About the Author

Mira Noire

Passion. Decadence. Drama. Mira Noire doesn’t pussyfoot around. If you’re looking for the typical happily-ever-after with the same old characters – they aren’t here. Mira writes visceral scenes that are so real you can taste (and smell!) them, and loves to feature flawed characters you may not always like. Like or not, you’ll definitely love watching them, and hopefully enjoy following them on their intensely personal erotic journeys. Mira lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, loves to travel abroad, and has a B.A. in English from Stanford University.

Visit Mira at to get to know her world a little better.

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#Giveaway: Kingdom Come by Lynessa James


“My weakness for how I love you is my ultimate source of strength.” – Klive King
He faced death for her. She fought for him. They began as enemies and became inseparable lovers.
With the ceremony that seals their union, Klive and Kinsley are excited by the prospect of a mundane life that equates to bliss by comparison to the things they have faced in such a short time. However, there is no question their love is a power they repeatedly wield come what may, but a stunning betrayal proves that Klive and Kinsley are only too human, and mortality has an expiration.
Buy Now

“You alright, my Sweet? This too much?” he asked quietly. I pulled back slightly so I could look up at him, and I smiled when the corner of his mouth lifted, his gray eyes darkening some nearly instantly, both in dilation and emotion. Confirmation that I’d nailed his character for him. I inhaled deeply when his hand slid slowly down my back so that he gripped my bottom, and that was it. It was like a dam had been breached. In seconds, Klive had both hands gripping the hell out of my ass as he spun me into the suite so that the door slammed and locked automatically behind us. I consumed his raw groan like water as I pulled at his lips, sucked his tongue into my mouth. “Oh, shit, what are you wearing under here?” he breathed when he had me laid out on the granite of the kitchenette, my knees bent, my legs parted for his hand that had roamed to the wet ribbon between my thighs. “Oh, damn, woman. He went shopping in your closet, then?” he asked to himself, but he was giddy as hell. “Come, I’ve lost my head a bit. I apologize, but you will put me into a blasted frenzy if I take this dress off. Don’t think you want to be taken on such a surface as this, do you?” he smiled stupidly so that I giggled a bit.

“In all fairness, sir,” I paused to sit up on the counter top and grip his open shirt in my fists to jerk him toward me. “You are the one paying me. I think that earns you the right to take me on whatever surface you wish, now doesn’t it?”

His eyes closed, his hand scrubbed over his whole face, and I was empowered with the fact that he was hanging by a thread in his attempt to keep from carnally devouring me in the hardest, most dirty ways that I couldn’t help but pray for. I wanted to be sore as hell tomorrow. I bit my lip as a tinge of guilt at sneaking out hit me, and Klive opened his dark and stormy eyes and sent a jolt like lightning straight to my core so that I had to squirm a bit to fight off the insane lust that I was throbbing with.

“You would be fucking right,” he growled and tugged me off the counter.




I write twisted erotic romance, and I’m not typically a hit it-n-quit it type of girl, nor am I traditional. Personally, when I read, I want to feel the emotion and sensation, so I expect nothing less of my own work. However controversial, sometimes even disturbing or offensive, if only one reader shares my love for these beautiful, yet flawed characters and situations as much as I do, then it’s all been worth sharing. I’m not everyone’s taste, but you may find my particular flavor makes you crave more.


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Writer ~ Author

Books by Alyna Nyx

a.k.a. Author Cassandra Burchett

The internet home of Robert Emmett


Erotic romance with an edge


Smile Somebody Loves You!

Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a digital youth culture magazine dedicated to your stories and ideas.

Jeanne Fury

Could we have everything louder than everything else?

Vicky Combs - The Vixen

Vicky Combs owner of The Vixen and friend of my author Anna Dubois.

WP Tavern

WordPress News — Free as in Beer.

Thrill of the Chaste

Personal experiences in the world of Male Chastity

Lace Winter

Romance Novels with an Erotic Edge

Romance Novel Giveaways

♥ Freebies and Giveaways of all things romance ♥

Freedom Hunter

Wear the World like a Loose Garment

E J Frost

Love in the Margins

Wicked Wednesday

Wicked or not... just share your words and images!

Stormy Night Publications

Publishers of BDSM and Kink Erotica

Mia Kerick - Official Website

Love is what I see...

Alice Dark - BentAlice

Your Daily Spanking

Mary Wehr


Chelle Bliss

Author of the Love at Last series

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

Creative Writing Tips and Authorial Support from Fantasy Writer Victoria Grefer

UF & PNR Series Bibliophile

This is for lovers of UF & PNR series discussion.

Hunter S. Jones

Writer ~ Author

Books by Alyna Nyx

a.k.a. Author Cassandra Burchett

The internet home of Robert Emmett


Erotic romance with an edge


Smile Somebody Loves You!

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